Welcome to FMap!

Welcome to FMap!

What is FMap?

The FMap is an internet application. It presents your or your friends places and tracks on maps. The data can be imported to the FMap from previously recorded files or sent from a phone (using such application like FAGPS - GPS monitoring software).

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When FMap can be useful?

What do you need?

If you just want to see or add saved tracks you need only a computer with access to the Internet.

If you want to send your location you need the phone with internal GPS or with Bluetooth to connect an external GPS (more detailed information can be found on software description pages e.g. GPS Application monitoring of people and vehicles - FAGPS)

How does it work?

Sure you are curious how it works. How is it possible that the information about your location is available on the Internet? Immediately calms down, this is possible only when you agree to this! You decide when the information is sent to the FMap system and who can see them. Generally speaking, the phone sends on regular intervals your location (altitude, speed, coordinates) to a database. These data are then used by FMap to present them on the map

How much does it cost?

Using FMap application is free. You can view the route and points on the map any number of times. Also, creating an account is completely free, so you can set up an account for yourself and your family.

How to get started?

If you want to send a location from your phone:

If you just want to see or import the data:

What if you are having problems

Thank you and welcome you to take advantage of FMapy!

If during the use of FMap you want to share with us your comments, suggestions or ideas we will be grateful. If you find any mistakes, please let us know and forgive us.

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