FMap Application Help

FMap application help

FMap is an Ajax application for manage user tracks and locations. The user can share his tracks and locations with other user. All data are showed on screen in three tables:

In order to manage these data you can use pop up menus which are shown after mouse right button click or after click on sign ». You can execute a command on one item (track,location or user) or on set of items after marked them by click on them. If you want to execute command on marked rows you have to use the table header pop up menu.

To show or hide user/location/track on map simple click on cell in column. You can choose marker color by clicking the cell more than once.

User table description

In user table you can find list of your friends and your user name. Some detailed information you can find in tool tips when cursor is above a cell. For friend you can see invitation status (if you invite friend and you still waiting for invitation) and the friend access level. The access level determines which locations/tracks friend will see. For example if you setup public hidden as the friend access level, the friend will see each Location and track whom a privacy level is less restricted or the same than public hidden (e.g. public).

In this table by using pop up menu you can perform following commands:

Location table description

In this table you can see your and your friends locations. You can automatically setup zoom and map center (Auto zoom command) to see on map one or all locations (when you use header pop up menu). You can edit location name or add new location. By using pop up menu you can delete one or more locations.

Track table description

In this table you can find all your and your friends tracks. In the first column your can see track name and its owner name. In next columns you can see track start time and number of points in track. By using the pop up menu you can:

User profile

From upper menu you can choose profile link to see user profile dialog. In this dialog you can see your current points limit (maximum number of points in all tracks and locations) and current points counter. You can change one or more user profile parameters:

Map bubble options

After cursor hover under bubble you can see date and time when the point was saved. When you click on bubble you can see some detailed info about the point and to commands:

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